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holga side



Holga xpro lomo 120 GN

Photo: David Luck avatar

David Luck commented:

I'd love to see more of your work.

on: 19-12-2012 18:41
Photo: Ario AP avatar

Ario AP commented:

wkwkwkw Gendis, my hunting buddy, i just barely know you that you are in this site also. Gendis is Holga Hardcore, with lightleaks as his middle name

on: 18-12-2012 09:29
Photo: Floyd avatar

Floyd commented:

Very cool gendis, These shots are all about mood.

on: 21-10-2012 22:43
Photo: Gaskelski avatar

Gaskelski commented:

I find the last shot intriguing. Double exposure AND light leaks. I like the tshirt too! Want one.

on: 21-10-2012 22:37
Photo: Vertigo avatar

Vertigo commented:

Holga man rocks!

on: 21-10-2012 19:21
Photo: thebestcarintheworld avatar

thebestcarintheworld commented: did you get this effect? Was it accidental? I know some Holgas let the light in creating interesting results....btw I want the t-shirt too...

on: 18-10-2012 22:43
Photo: TTs avatar

TTs commented:

Full of light leaks. love it

on: 18-10-2012 22:33
Photo: Oliver Zelinski avatar

Oliver Zelinski commented:

cool! how did you get this effect?

on: 18-10-2012 08:04