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Photo: inspired by revolog´s rasp

inspired by revolog´s rasp

Photo: so sorry ...

so sorry ...

Photo: attack


Photo: seasons


Photo: american author

american author

35mm film

Photo: Curry avatar

Curry commented:

Great colours. But the attack rocks!

on: 04-10-2012 20:13
Photo: Aga avatar

Aga commented:

Filters work great. Beautiful images.

on: 02-10-2012 22:29
Photo: Gaskelski avatar

Gaskelski commented:

The filters are very interesting, it gives the landscapes a kind of fairytale, dreamlike quality. I like the way you can just make out the couple in the center of the last shot.

on: 01-10-2012 10:16
Photo: Floyd avatar

Floyd commented:

The 'attack' shot is my favourite. These have a great feel too!

on: 01-10-2012 10:14
Photo: Oliver Zelinski avatar

Oliver Zelinski commented:

thank you guys! oblong, like not square ... for the last two, I taped a multicolor filter on the lense of my Holga 135BC

on: 30-09-2012 09:22
Photo: mathew avatar

mathew commented:

The house....a horror movie. I like the abstract of the first photograph. Why is it called 'oblong' ? sorry my english isn't too good.

on: 29-09-2012 22:12
Photo: Vertigo avatar

Vertigo commented:

A nice and interesting set. The colours of the last two are amazing.

on: 29-09-2012 20:01