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Smena 8M

Soviet cameras for modern times. The Smena 8m is an adventure itself, making magic with your snaps, if you're lucky enough.

Photo: Aquaman!


Photo: Double Exposed Graffiti.

Double Exposed Graffiti.

Photo: Picnic Sunday

Picnic Sunday

Photo: By-Cicle


Photo: Urban Portrait.

Urban Portrait.

35mm double exposure analog smena 8m xpro cross process lomo russian vintage retro

Photo: AlexAbian avatar

AlexAbian commented:

@Floyd I think the key is always have it with me! Swimming pools are awesome for this. @Gaskelski Thank you very much! When you have an old camera in your hands it feels like a duty to try hard @Ewa I am uploading more for sure! :) @Vivaldi Can't wait to see the shots!! :)

on: 17-09-2012 22:47
Photo: Vivaldi avatar

Vivaldi commented:

BTW, I have bought one now too, so you have competition :)

on: 13-09-2012 20:18
Photo: Ewa avatar

Ewa commented:

Alex, you know what I think of this set. Great examples for the camera review and I am so glad it has inspired you to work with the film again from time to time. Give us some more!

on: 10-09-2012 23:02
Photo: Gaskelski avatar

Gaskelski commented:

Something special about this camera when it's in the right hands, you just proven that. Excellent!

on: 09-09-2012 14:29
Photo: Floyd avatar

Floyd commented:

You really know how to get the best out of the Smena, no question about that! Really fab shots. Aquaman has such a great feel.

on: 09-09-2012 14:26
Photo: AlexAbian avatar

AlexAbian commented:

@Mathew I got a long story of troubles focusing, and always also tend to forget at least 1 random setting all the times, keep trying! :)) @Vivaldi Thank you very much! All of them are xprocessed so the effect is even stronger, but I love how easy is to double expose with the Smena. The one thing is that it's too easy to get your finger in the middle of the shutter cock (creating super weird burned shots) Shot them years ago but I am getting some rolls for the russian lady now... ^^

on: 09-09-2012 11:11
Photo: Vivaldi avatar

Vivaldi commented:

I saw them on camera review. Great stuff. I must say these are the best Smena shots I have seen. Shows it is a great camera in the hands of someone who knows what he is doing. I guess this is xprocessed nevertheless I don't think we can get that with my fancy digital.

on: 09-09-2012 00:27
Photo: mathew avatar

mathew commented:

Im in love with Picnic Sunday. Nice idea. Ive always had problems focusing with Smena. This one works so well.

on: 08-09-2012 22:29
Photo: AlexAbian avatar

AlexAbian commented:

@TTs Luckily you can find a replacement for 20bucks on eBay! :D @Behemoth Actually he's an actor! ^__^ Thx!

on: 08-09-2012 22:13
Photo: Behemoth avatar

Behemoth commented:

Aquaman! rocks (nice body btw:) Great set.

on: 08-09-2012 20:41
Photo: TTs avatar

TTs commented:

Damn, I used to have this Smena and I gave it away to my little nephew so he could use it as a toy. Stupid stupid stupid

on: 08-09-2012 20:24