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My experimental survey is about human soul, carried among friends, mentors, family - individuals aged 16 – 65 (students, academics, economists, artists, art historian, musician, photographers, architect, sportsmen, teachers, translator, businessmen … buddhists, catholics, agnostics…). Following the questions what is the soul, how it is perceived by philosophers in human history all ways came to an conclusion that 'the soul was never put in the body to stand still '. The Soul is nothing less as the actual state of mind. I explored it on my photographs inspired by words of Kirilian. And if we create our own truths and however many voices does the truth has, by the survey i wanted to show that the soul needs to stand still for a while to be heard and seen.


light soul experiment truth

Photo: Vivaldi avatar

Vivaldi commented:

Cool idea, id like to see a bigger size execution.

on: 11-05-2013 22:29
Photo: Aga avatar

Aga commented:

Maybe you could share enlarged fragments? I like the effects.

on: 02-04-2013 20:57
Photo: Monica avatar

Monica commented:

Beautiful idea

on: 31-03-2013 11:30